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UK Private Companies Offering Training/ Mentoring in Intimacy Coordination

Intimacy On Set 

Intimacy For Stage & Screen 

Moving Body Arts

Safe Sets 

UK Film Schools Offering Introductory Level Workshops in Intimacy Coordination

National Film & Television School

London Film School 

BA Film Studies (University of Arts London)

Raindance London

UK Drama Schools Teaching Intimacy For Actors (on a regular basis)

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Arts Ed


International Companies Offering Intimacy Coordination Workshops/ Events/ Trainings

Intimacy Directors & Coordinators (USA)

Intimacy Professionals Association (USA)

Theatrical Intimacy Education (USA)

Intimacy Coordinators Of Colour (USA)

National Society of Intimacy Professionals (Canada)

Intimacy Coordinators Canada (USA)

Safe Sets (South Africa)