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Film Set

BECTU is an inclusive union which operates under the "open shop policy" in order to protect those working in the industry and to maintain standards of work and safety. Anyone working in the entertainment industry who is permitted to work in the UK can become a BECTU member. 


The Intimacy Coordinators Branch welcomes screen professionals that have at least one of the following options:

  • "Intimacy Coordinator" end roll credit (or call sheet mentioning you as such). 

  • "Assistant Intimacy Coordinator"or "Covering Intimacy Coordinator" or "Co-Intimacy Coordinator or "Intimacy Coach" end roll credit​ (or call sheet mentioning you as such).

  • Can provide evidence of being a "Trainee / Mentee / Apprentice Intimacy Coordinator"  in their mentoring/assisting stage of learning. 

If you are a BECTU Member interested in joining, and you qualify under one of the options above, please send an introductory email to our Branch Secretary at In your email, please outline which of the above terms you qualify under and provide details of that credit or mentoring provider and their contact details. 

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