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Join the Bectu IC Branch

BECTU is an inclusive union which operates under the "open shop policy" in order to protect those working in the industry and to maintain standards of work and safety. Anyone working in the entertainment industry who is permitted to work in the UK can become a Bectu member. In order to become a member of the Intimacy Coordinators Branch of Bectu, you must be a current Bectu member.

If you are not already a member of Bectu, please join as a new member here and register with the Intimacy Coordinators branch when you do. You will then receive a welcome email from our Bectu Representative, Jess Glaisher, with all relevant onboarding information.


If you are already a Bectu member registered with another branch, please reach out to our Bectu Representative, Jess Glaisher, directly to switch branches at

An important note about IC Branch membership:

Since no official criteria are required for membership in the IC Branch of Bectu, please keep in mind that your membership in this branch should not be cited as a reference for training or experience levels as an IC, nor vaguely implied as such. 


It is part of our branch’s mission to establish and maintain standards for ICs working in the UK industry, including through Bectu’s IC Registry, and we see transparency about the nature of what membership in our branch does (and doesn’t) mean as a key aspect to maintaining the integrity of our branch’s role in the industry.

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