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Branch History & Aims


With the development of the Intimacy Coordinator role in the United Kingdom, there was a need for a branch, rate card, terms and conditions, and space for ICs to discuss their practice. 

  • In late 2019 Bectu Representative Nia Hughes and Intimacy Coordinator Yarit Dor initiated discussions about opening a Bectu branch for Intimacy Coordinators. Later on, Enric Ortuño and Elizabeth Talbot joined their discussions and soon after the majority of the UK intimacy coordination community gathered to open the Bectu branch. 

  • In August 2020, the branch became a roof for UK intimacy coordinators from the various training and role pathways. 

  • The first branch elected committee 2020-2022 consisted of: Yarit Dor (Chair), Adelaide Waldrop (Secretary), Vanessa Coffey (Registry & Development Rep), Katharine Hardman (Learning & Publications Rep), Enric Ortuno, David Thackery and Bronagh McAuley (TV & Film Co-Reps), Kate Lush and Elle McAlpine (IC Co-Reps), Robbie Taylor Hunt (Trainee IC Rep). 

  • Elected committee 2022-2023 consists of: Robbie Taylor Hunt (Chair), Adelaide Waldrop and Elle McAlpine (Co-Secretaries), Tommy Ross-Williams (Registry & Development Rep), Georgia Alexandria Johnson (Learning & Publications Rep), Bronagh McAuley (TV & Film Rep), Tigger Blaize & Asha Jennings-Grant (Trainee IC Co-Reps). 


  • To protect and improve conditions in the workplace.

  • To negotiate, establish, protect and update rates of pay for all ICs and Trainee-ICs represented by the branch. 

  • To establish a benchmark standard for ICs & Trainee-ICs working in the industry. 

  • To work towards raising awareness of the safety responsibilities and unique duties of Intimacy Coordinators in the working environment for the benefit of members and employers alike.

  • To promote cooperation and support with all relevant guilds and other BECTU branches and to promote the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of all.

  • To be mutually supportive of all members with regard to all issues concerning working as an Intimacy Coordinator and/or Trainee.

  • To establish excellent and productive working relationships with employers and employers’ organisations.

  • To be open to dialogue and consultation with other organisations and to work in cooperation with those organisations to achieve the above aims.

  • To work to eliminate bullying and all forms of discrimination experienced by ICs and Trainee-ICs and also to eradicate any bullying perpetrated by Intimacy Coordinators towards each other.



  • We want our industry to be inclusive, supportive, aware, and safe.

  • We want our branch to be a safe space for all of us.

  • We want everyone to meet their basic needs for safety, support and to feel heard.

  • We want to raise awareness of consent culture, existing power dynamics, anti-racism, accessibility, and inclusivity within our industry.

  • We will promote equal representation and equity in order to raise awareness of privilege issues in our industry.

  • We want to listen; all voices in our branch have an equal right to be heard regardless of their level of expertise.

  • We want our activities and meetings to be as accessible as possible.

  • We want to work together, honouring our differences and celebrating the gifts we bring to the table.

  • We will not show preference for certain groups, individuals or training/mentorship/apprenticeship providers. Our branch Registry will establish an accessible benchmark that takes into account the UK’s developing level of expertise.

  • We will promote contemporary safe intimacy practices and provide suitable information to employers.

  • We will honour the open-shop policy of our current industry.

  • We will recommend minimum rate cards and conditions while still respecting an individual’s right to their personal practice under the open-shop policy.

  • We will respectfully attribute work and thank those contributing to the branch.

  • We will be mindful of and speak out against power dynamics and micro-aggressions in our branch.

  • We welcome change and development as intimacy coordination practice evolves.

  • We are not perfect, we will make mistakes and will practice accountability.

  • There is no place for fear in our branch.

  • There is no place for harassment in our branch.

  • There is no place for bullying in our branch.

  • There is no place for racism and prejudice in our branch.

  • There is no place for false pretence of status and practice.

  • There is no place for slanders or libel against members and their practice.

* Taken from the Branch By-Laws, update 2022. 

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