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General Enquiries

For enquiries not covered by the below please email 

Press Enquiries:

Resources on the history of Intimacy Coordinating can be found here For further info please email:

Training Enquiries:

The Bectu branch does not train ICs. However, we have many resources available that can be found on our training hub page. For unanswered questions, please reach out to one of our Trainee Reps at:

Looking for an IC?
*Please note: We are not an agency and Bectu IC Branch membership does not indicate any level of experience or training (see our registry page). Your reply in this form will be shared on our branch Discord, accessible only by Bectu IC branch members who will see your request and get in touch if available.

Request an Intimacy Coordinator

Thank you for your request. It has now been shared with our branch members on our Discord server. Any available ICs will be in touch with the contact info you provided.

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